Marketing Online For Offline Businesses

In the current, digital age, everything we do – from where we shop, who we dine with, which supermarket we prefer – every bit of data is listed and collated and used in the marketing messages presented to us. And given the rise in digital data collection and capacity, you might think that offline marketing – brochures, business cards, roller banners – is dead in the water. But you’d be wrong.

According to research, 20% of global companies have indicated that they’re planning to increase spending on offline marketing channels in the coming year. Offline marketing is still liked by the consumer because it’s tactile and tangible, often seen as a signpost to the presence of your business online. And frankly, who doesn’t love a discount coupon falling into their hands or a business card with the details of a potential new trade partner?

On the other hand, online is now where the majority of customers are and where they’re, increasingly, spending their time.